QuickBooks Is More Than Just Bookkeeping Software. Use It to Process Payments and Save Money.

QuickBooks is a household name. Most small businesses utilize its functions to help maintain their accounts payables, accounts receivables, and even their payroll. However, QuickBooks can include many more benefits for small businesses, including payment processing options. Clients can pay their invoices through QuickBooks directly, allowing you to use the software to immediately add credit card payments to your balance sheet.

More importantly, QuickBooks allows you to use your own merchant services provider to integrate payment processing. Therefore, it is not only an easy and convenient option. It also allows you to save money by allowing you to shop around for merchant services providers. Using your own merchant services provider can help you store client credit card information in the most secure manner possible while keeping your processing fees down by using the most cost-effective provider for your needs.

How Does QuickBooks Work for Payment Processing?

QuickBooks payments allows users to accept credit card payments from their clients. However, you can add an integrated software system to QuickBooks to help you store credit card payments and process them with ease. For some businesses, clients pay a regular monthly fee. Using QuickBooks payment options allows you to easily store credit card information and run it monthly as needed.

Companies, like Fi-Soft, allow you to easily store client credit card information securely. Furthermore, you can choose your merchant services provider, allowing you to maintain full control over your payment processing systems while attaching your invoices directly to your payments through QuickBooks easy-to-use bookkeeping system.

Why Would You Want to Use Your Own Merchant Services Provider?

Using your own merchant services provider is key to ensure you can keep your credit card processing fees down while ensuring you receive the best customer service and merchant services options possible. Merchant services providers can set their own fees. Many will charge fees for every little option you choose. In the end, they will take a large portion of your client’s credit card payments.

However, other merchant services providers believe in offering quality services at affordable rates. Therefore, you keep more of the money paid on each invoice while receiving top-notch customer service. With companies like Fi-Soft, you can choose which company is best for your needs, as opposed to feeling trapped into a particular provider just to have ease of integration.

How Can Tanker Consulting Service Help You Use QuickBooks Payment Processing Options?

Tanker Consulting Services is an expert in QuickBooks integrations for your payment processing needs. We can offer you cost-effective merchant services options to allow you to use QuickBooks to collect credit card payments without having to depend on QuickBooks customer service when something goes wrong.

Tanker Consulting Services believes in providing the best customer service in the industry. Therefore, even when their is an issue with payments collected through QuickBooks, you can call at any time and chose to speak with Scott Tanker or one of his trusted representatives to help you correct the issue at hand. Furthermore, Tanker Consulting Services is guaranteed to save your money on your credit card processing fees.

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