“I think Scott’s greatest strength is his customer service. Yes, he had great prices. Yes, he offers 100% fee disclosure. Yew, he reviews and analyzes programs and produces a written report. But when I needed him, he was right there to help and fix my issues, sometimes in the same day! Great customer service is a great quality. Scott loves helping people!”

Michelle Bryson Camp Bow Wow

“Scott Tanker and his staff at Benchmark are very responsive. They are always professional, and deliver what was promised. Their service is high quality before, during and especially after the sale. I recommend them to anyone who needs a quality merchant services consultant.”

Discount Office Chairs, USA Cherry Hill, NJ

As we revamped some business aspects at Hope Integrative Health (after 14 successful years of practice), we reached out to our SEO and asked him if he could refer us to a reliable company for merchant services. Not only were we referred to Benchmark Payment Networks, but we were personally referred to Scott Tanker. We were instantly contacted and a meeting was scheduled to get the ball rolling the same week! How refreshing! Not only did Scott come meet with us to discuss the savings that we are missing by being with another merchant service company BUT he actually sat down and took the time to explain to me the things we were being overcharged for! I don’t know anything about merchant services, so I was beyond grateful for Scott’s attentiveness and more importantly- his patience with the 400 questions I had! I can’t wait until someone asks me if I know of a good processing company! Scott will instantly pop into my mind- I am specific about trusting the representatives I refer. I am so pleased with Scott’s constant availability, kindness and knowledge from experience! He’s always there! He’s a breath of fresh air!

Hope Integrative Health Marlton, NJ

I can honestly say that Scott is a genuine person. His honesty, loyalty and personality makes it a pleasure to deal with him. I mistakenly signed with another provider and Scott was able to get me back with him. It’s amazing how other providers lie about their services and trick you into joining them. When I do get calls from other providers, I just simply say “My Family works for my provider.” This is how I feel about Scott and his service to my company.

Lisa A. Willett Owner- L.A. Sharp Services

“Scott Tanker and his staff at Benchmark Payment Networks are the most enjoyable people to work with. They always professional, prompt, and deliver what they promised. Their products and services are of high quality and affordable. I recommend their services to everyone I can! Thank you, Scott for your support of our organization.”

Borger Matez Attorneys at Law Cherry Hill, NJ