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Tanker Consulting Services is a non-bank payment processing services providing Point of Sale Systems to businesses throughout the United States. Whether you need a full cash register system, a payment terminal, or a small credit card terminal, Tanker Consulting Services can help you find the POS System perfect for your business!

Changes in POS Systems

Traditional (and some current) point of sale (POS) systems were once expensive and complex. However, POS solutions have come a long way from being large, built-in applications for cash registers.

Cash registers have been replaced by tablets, computers, table-top devices, and even mobile devices. As a result, Point of Sale Systems must fit a business’s need to be on-the-go and compact.

Tanker Consulting Services Offers the POS Systems You Need for Today’s Business World

Tanker Consulting Services offers innovative software programs and POS systems for small and medium sized businesses, including retail stores and restaurants. Our software applications handle any combination of checkout, inventory control, customer management, ecommerce sales, merchandising and distribution. These systems help merchants automate the point of sale, improve inventory tracking, and enable more effective management of customer data to help your company perform at optimum efficiency.

Whether you need a credit card terminal, a cash register, or any other form of payment processing, Tanker Consulting Services has the modern-day solution for you.

Tanker Consulting Services can help your business have added flexibility to accept payments anytime and anywhere. Our point-of-sale iPad POS system hardware solution is designed to help businesses collect credit and debit card payments as they move about their business, meeting their customers where they are.

Our point-of-sale terminals will record and track customer orders, process credit and debit cards, connect to other systems in a network, and manage inventory. Our goal is to make it easy and efficient for you to collect payments and keep track of inventory so you can focus on keeping your business profitable.

Speak with Scott Tanker or His Trusted Team Members When You Need It Most

Most merchant services companies offer an 800 number to call when you need assistance with your POS system. However, Tanker Consulting Services believes in customers first. Therefore, you can call Scott Tanker directly or one of his trusted associates when you have a problem. They will help you without the tireless dialing and fidgeting with an 800 number.

Tanker Consulting Services Offers Easy Point of Sale Solutions to Help Keep Your Business Running Smoothly.

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  • Advanced Virtual Terminals
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  • Retail & Restaurant Modes
  • Reporting and Metrics
  • Unlimited Users
  • Secure, Encrypted CC Reader
  • Dedicated Reliable Reps
  • Superior Local Service
  • Competitive Pricing
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Scott is friendly and easy to work with – he’s reachable whenever I have a question, and follows through on whatever is asked of him.  If there’s a problem, he perseveres until the customer is happy.

 Maria Byrne
Benjamin Franklin Plumbing