We expect to be able to use a credit card at most retail locations and restaurants. However, many professional service providers, like our accountant or attorney insist on payment int he form of a regular paper check or cash. One reason is the fear of high fees associated with accepting credit cards. Another reason is the lack of knowledge of what options may be available and how the average person prefers to use a credit card or electronic payment method when making any type of purchase. The reality is there are several merchant service options for professionals that are neither expensive nor tedious.

Credit Card or Debit Card Payment Options

Many times, professional services are not paid for while in the office. A professional is hired and then a bill is issued. Usually, the client will send in a payment or make a payment over the phone. As a result, professional services require merchant services options that allow a credit card to be manually entered. This leaves a couple of options for the professional service provider. First, a website portal can be created that allows a client to login, enter their invoice number, and pay online. The second option is to maintain a point of sale terminal in the office that allows manual entry of a client’s credit card when the client calls to make payment. Both are easy to navigate and can be cost-effective for the professional.

eCheck Options for Easy and Secure Payment

Another option that is becoming more desirable to many business owners and clients is accepting eChecks. eChecks allow a client to electronically submit a payment through their bank account as though he or she is writing a paper check . This process has been proven to be more secure than credit cards, making it a lower risk for identity theft and other fraudulent activity. Once again, a person can log onto an online portal and enter their invoice number, which will lead them to an option which allows them to choose payment by check. It is convenient for the client and secure for everyone involved.

If you are interested in learning more about offering convenient payment options to your clients, contact the experts at Tanker Consulting Services. The merchant services expert will be happy to show you how your professional office can expand your book of business by offering additional payment options and maybe even save some money.