Using a Merchant Services Provider that Thinks Outside the Box Can Help You Keep Costs Down and Services High

You cannot provide healthcare services without accepting credit card payments for office copays. Your patients need to have the ease of providing a credit card or debit card to pay for their copays. Many may even use a debit card connected to their Healthcare Savings Account to pay for any service fees and copays associated with their medical needs.

Therefore, your healthcare service provider office must have a way to accept these payments electronically, whether it be a credit card portal or a large point of sale system. The problem you may face is the associated fees to accept payments via debit and credit cards. Many healthcare providers attempt to avoid accepting credit or debit cards to ensure they do not have to pay such high fees on their already reduced payments.

Healthcare Providers without Credit Card and Debit Card Options Lose Money

The truth is, the best way to collect money for healthcare services is to collect it on the spot. if your office only accepts cash, check, or bills clients, it stands the chance of losing a lot of money. People may never pay their healthcare bill if they have to send in payment after they received services. Even if the bills go to collections, your healthcare services are only recouping pennies on the dollar.

However, when you have the option to accept debit and credit cards, you can collect fees at the office. Furthermore, you can put a credit or debit card into the system with permission to charge it at a later date after the claim clears insurance. As a result, you ensure your patients pay their healthcare bills immediately, without loss to you or the patient.

A Proper Review of Your Merchant Services Account Can Save You Money

Not all merchant services accounts are created equally. Many merchant services providers charge hidden fees for the privilege of using their services. Tanker Consulting Services will review your account to see if you have any hidden fees that are leaving you left holding the bag. We can let you know how you can save money without losing services from your merchant service provider. As a matter of fact, we can help you save money and provide one-of-a-kind customer service that cannot be matched by our competitors. Call us today at 609-922-0201 for a free written merchant services analysis.