For many retail stores, a point of sale system is in place, making sure there re little to no compliance issues regarding credit card payments. But, many other industries work quite differently. Industries such as the restaurant industry, the catering/banquet industry, and even the gasoline industry depend on handing your credit card to another person as the person walks away from you and your line of sight. The hope is these individuals are trustworthy and your information is safe. This is the standard of the industry, after all. But this type of standard can raise compliance issues and lead to theft very easily. Technology, as it is available today, can provide options that eliminate this concern and allow transactions to occur at your table or anywhere in the room.

Mobile Merchant Services Options

The first option to help keep merchant services compliant is to provide an option that can move from spot to spot. This allows customers to stay with their credit card without having to move to a point of sale machine. Mobile options are a reality. These options are often wireless terminals that can be easily transported to any location within a building. For restaurants, a server can simply grab a mobile wireless terminal and bring it to the customer’s table. The customer never has to leave his or her table or his or her credit card. These terminals can even be integrated into a tablet to allow the customer tip options and even receiving receipts via email.

Wired Individual Terminals

Another option that has been implemented in more casual dining restaurants is the individual terminal. Each table has a tablet type terminal which can be used to entertain people as they wait for their food and then used to pay the bill with a credit or debit card when the meal is over. The customer has complete control of the transaction and never parts with the payment card. This is a wonderful option, however, because of the number of terminals needed, it can be costly for a small business owner.

The Merchant Service Habit to Avoid

In the above mentioned industries, it is becoming more important to prove that you value your customre’s identities and safety. Even if your business will continue to operate using stationary point of sale systems, there are certain habits that shoudl be avoided at all cost. One of these habits is commonly used in the catering industry. This habit includes writign down a credit card number and information to charge the card at a later time. This type of system leaves too much opportunity for credit and identity theft. Instead, have the client enter the information through an online portal that is secure. The client can allow this information to be stored on the secured server until he or she notifies the company to remove it.

If you are in any of these industries and wish to make your merchant services options more compliant, while saving money, contact Scott Tanker at Tanker Consulting Services today.