Why Using a Merchant Service Provider Instead of an Online App Is Better for Your Small Business

We all know about apps that small businesses can use to accept credit card payments. Small businesses can use apps such as PayPal, Square, Waveapps, Venmo, and more. These apps seem easy to use and easy to access. Truthfully, many of these apps are easy to access. However, that is where the benefits for small businesses end.

Using a payment app is very costly for many small businesses. Not only do they charge exorbitant fees to the users. They also do not have a live person to help immediately when you, as the merchant, have an issue. These apps, like any internet-based service can have issues prohibiting your clients from paying you in a timely manner. Their servers can be down. They can require excessive updates that can affect your ability to easily conduct business.

In the end, using an app to accept credit cards can cost you much more in revenue than the ease of use is worth.

The Benefits of Using a Small Business to Run Your Merchant Services

Small businesses understand the needs of small businesses. They understand the problems small businesses face in the marketplace.

Small businesses cannot afford to have any part of their business stop working, even if for an hour. They need someone to be on top of their business resources, keeping them operating smoothly. When something goes wrong, they need a human on the other end of the phone to help them get everything working properly.

When you work with a merchant services provider that is also a local, small business, you will likely get a live person to handle your problem. While they may conduct some basic trouble shooting over the phone, they can likely have a person out to your business within the hour to ensure you can get back up and running as quickly as possible.

Furthermore, they understand the need to have mobility in your merchant services account. Therefore, if you need an app for your phone, they can likely work with you to customize a payment processing app for your business, as opposed to insisting you make their system work for your business model.

The Cost Difference Between Merchant Service Providers and Online Merchant Service Apps

The biggest reason small businesses cannot afford to use a large, international payment app comes down to cost. Payment apps, such as PayPal and Square charge at least 3% or more for business credit card transactions. That fee can eat a large part of your profits.

Most merchant services providers can help tailor your costs to your business revenue. Small businesses can pay a much smaller fee to ensure they can accept credit cards. Furthermore, they can choose to accept debit cards versus credit cards and pay a smaller fee. Merchant service providers can offer extensive options to help small businesses keep their costs down while providing the ultimate conveniences to their customers.

Tanker Consulting Services Can Offer a Free Review of Your Merchant Services Agreement

If you are using an online international app to accept credit cards for your business, it is time to explore your options. The experts at Tanker Consulting Services can offer you a free review of your merchant services agreement. During the process, they can provide you a comparison to see how much money you can save while gaining real customer service options. Call Tanker Consulting Services at 609.922.0201 today.