The New Year Means Time to See If You Are Losing Money with High Merchant Services Fees

Every year, you should check your insurance policies, your retirement fund plans, and your merchant services policies. An annual check helps ensure that you have made any adjustments you may need based on life or business changes. It also gives you the chance to see if you can lower your bills and pay a smaller fee for services.

An annual review of your merchant services account is a great way to ensure you are not being overcharged for services or losing money unnecessarily. It is quick, easy, and best of all, free. Learn more about what an annual review of your merchant services contract can do for you and your business.

Are You Paying High Fees for Credit Card Processing?

The first issue you should always check is whether your fees are too high. Credit card processing companies may charge a ton of hidden fees that wind up costing you a lot of money on the backend. As a result, you may pay 3 or 4 percent or more on every credit card transaction.

While the credit card companies charge a set fee, your merchant service provider will add fees to cover their costs. The merchant service provider fees are where you can trim costs and save money. If your provider refuses to negotiate new rates or raises your rates every year, you can loose a lot of money on your bottom line.

Therefore, once a year, you should review your fees for credit card processing. Make sure you are getting the best fees available so you can keep the money you earn. If your merchant services provider refuses to negotiate better fees, it may be time to switch to a new provider.

Are You Receiving Stellar Customer Service From Your Merchant Services Provider?

The other issue many companies experience is sub-par customer service from their merchant services provider. They may find that they are working with a large company, in which their account is a mere blip on the radar. As a result, when they have an issue, they may wait days to speak with a representative that can help them fix the problem or find a solution.

Your should review the terms of service within your contract to see what your provider says is a proper time-frame for dealing with issues and concerns. If they do not provide a quick time frame for customer service, you may want to find another provider that believes your business is as important as their own.

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