2019 is around the corner. As with every new year,
there will be changes to ways in which business is done and advances in
technology that adds to those changes. One change that is continuing from years
past is the desire for shoppers to use credit and debit cards when shopping,
dining, and spending money in any capacity. Going into the new year, if your
plans for business do not include merchant services, you are leaving money on
the table and customers outside the door.

Myth of Merchant Services

The myth is alive and well. People still believe that
accepting credit and debit cards is more expensive than it is worth. The truth
is not accepting credit and debit cards is much more costly to your bottom
line. Very few retailers do not accept credit and debit payments. This means
your competitors are taking your customers right out from under your nose if
you are refusing to accept credit cards. When it comes to retail, there are few
benefits to choosing one retailer over another. Typically, the products are the
same or very similar. The prices are typically in the same range. This means
shoppers are looking for convenience and ambiance when making a decision
regarding where to shop. Refusing to accept credit and debit cards makes your
retail establishment inconvenient.

Reality of Merchant Services

The reality of merchant services is quite different
from the myth. The reality is that credit card fees to merchants are not
written in stone. The more business you do and the more money you collect via
credit and debit cards equates to the more negotiating power you have with
credit card companies. Credit card companies want you to accept their forms of
payment. If your business is making money with credit payments, you are a
valuable customer to the credit card companies. They want to keep you as a
customer and their rates provide plenty of wiggle room to make sure that

As a result, you need someone who understands merchant
services to be on your side and looking out for the best interests of your business.
A merchant services provider will help you navigate the world of credit card
companies. Working with a merchant services provider will help you become an
individual business as opposed to a number on a paper full of numbers.

If you are ready to get your retail business ready for 2019, contact Scott Tanker at Tanker Consulting Services. His expertise is designed to help you negotiate with the credit card companies and ensure your business is making money by accepting credit and debit cards, not loosing it.