Transitioning Payment Options to the New New COVID Business Model

We saw it happen in March 2020. Businesses were forced to shut down at the drop of a dime. People were forced into their homes for an extended time period. Everything was a bit crazy.

People tried to find way to stay occupied. Maybe they couldn’t leave their homes, but that didn’t stop the delivery drivers from delivering products to their front doors. So, people began shopping online.

The truth is, people shopped online at addictive levels. New packages were going out daily. Corporate America barely suffered with their online market going strong.

Now stores have reopened and people are starting to get out to the brick and mortar stores a bit more. However, should this happen against, as predicted, where will your store land?

Be Prepared with an Online Marketplace

The key to survival, as any boy scout will tell you, is preparation. As a business owner, you must be prepared for the next wave of business. While more and more people are going to the stores, many got used to the convenience of shopping from home.

You must keep up with the times and add to your customer’s convenience. Turn your basic website into an eCommerce site.

If you already have all of your products online, start accepting online payments. Therefore, people can buy items from their home and either wait for delivery or sit in their car for a curbside pickup.

Either way, you are allowing your customers the joy of shopping with you from the comfort and safety of their home.

How Do I Set Up Online Payment Options?

The easiest way to transition to online payments is to work with a qualified merchant service provider. Online processing comes in many forms. Of course, you can use PayPal as an option. However, for many small businesses, the fees are ridiculously high.

Therefore, your merchant services provider can direct you to the portals that offer the lowest rates and allow the best user options for your clients.

Discuss your needs with your provider. How important is ease of use? Howe important are fees? How important is it the process allows for e Checks? You must discuss these options and answer these questions to determine the best options for your business.

Your purpose is to help your clients and keep business moving along even when the world is stopped. Mimicking the ease of in-person shopping should be a top priority.

If you are ready to prepare for anything, the experts at Tanker Consulting Services can help you get there. We offer consulting for all types of merchant services, including online payment processing. Call today at 609-922-0201.