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How Your Restaurant Can Accept Credit Cards While Reducing Credit Card Theft

Restaurants are known to have a larger than average amount of credit card theft cases every year. People hand their credit cards to a server and do not see their cards again for a few minutes. In the meantime, servers have the time to copy the credit card numbers and associated information.

However, there is a way to address the problem without making a restaurant a cash-only establishment. Merchant services providers offer several options to allow customers to keep their credit card in their sights while still having the ability to pay the bill and put a tip on the bill. Read on to learn more about the options available for restaurant owners that help reduce credit card theft in the industry.

What Are Table-Top credit Card Readers?

Have you ever been to a restaurant where there is a small machine right on the table? The machine may have many options, including games for kids and other cool features. However, it is also a machine that allows you to pay the bill with a credit card. Customers can opt to view their bill, split the bill with others at the table, and leave the tip for your server.

Many of these machines include chip readers. Some even offer tap pay services. However, all make it very easy for your customers to pay their bill without parting with their credit card. As a result, you are reducing the risk of credit card theft by employees and others within your restaurant.

Can Customers Maintain Control Over Their Credit Cards without Using Table-Top Card Readers?

The merchant services industry has come a very long way. When companies began taking credit cards, they had to make copies of the credit card with a machine and then call in the information to the credit card company at the end of the night. Then, companies and restaurants were able to automatically connect to the credit card companies and run credit cards electronically from a terminal.

Now, servers can carry a machine on them that allows them to take a customers credit card at the table, connect to the processer, and return the credit card without ever leaving the table. These machines work very much like the Square and other mobile payment systems. However, it is actually a merchant services point of sale terminal that travels and connects wirelessly to the merchant services company.

These machines help reduce credit card theft, keep the price of merchant services down for restaurants, and are easy to use for servers and customers.

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