The Hidden Benefits of Gift Cards to Your Bottom Line

It is the holiday shopping season. As with any holiday season, people often turn to gift cards to provide the perfect gift to that hard-to-please person on their gift list. As a retail or service business, gift cards can be an easy offering. They work like credit and debit cards through your credit processing system. However, other than being an easy offering for your business, they can be a hidden goldmine for your bottom line.

Read on to learn more about the benefits and ease of offering gift cards to your customers throughout the holiday season and other parts of the year.

How Gift Cards Bring In Additional Revenue?

Did you know that 72% of gift card holders spend more than the amount of money they have available on their gift card? As a matter of fact, these shoppers often spend 20% over their gift card amount when shopping using a gift card. Therefore, you stand to increase your profits by over 20% by selling gift cards to current and new customers.

Additionally, gift cards allow you to advertise to potential customers at no cost to you. When a current customer purchases a gift card, they may be buying it for a person who never shopped in your store before. The gift card gives the person a small shopping spree in your establishment. When you combine the opportunity with amazing products nd even better customer service, you have the option of gaining a new repeat customer.

How Easy Is It to Accept Gift Cards?

Gift cards operate like credit cards. Customers can simply swipe their card in your payment system. The ease and simplicity makes it a win-win situation. You do not need any specific software to accept gift cards. You can accept manufacturer gift cards as well as VISA, AMEX, and Mastercard gift cards with the same ease.

Offering gift cards makes holiday shopping a breeze for many customers. However, it also helps you build your revenue stream and increase your bottom line. The process is as simple as swiping a card. To learn more about how to accept gift cards through your point of sale system, contact the experts at Tanker Consulting Services at 609.922.0201.