How Customer Service Should Determine Your Credit Card Processor

There are a ton of credit card processors available for small businesses. As a business owner, you can choose from companies like Square, PayPal, or any number of banks. However, these larger companies lack customer service. They may only see you as a number. When your machine goes down, it could days days to get any type of replacement or repair.

Using a small business to help run your credit card processing services means you are more than a number. Small business owners understand small business needs.

The number one need for small business owners is responsive customer service. Responsive customer service means an issue is handles as quickly as possible.

How Does a Processing System Problem Create an Issue for Your Business?

As a small business, every transaction matters. If you lose a customer because you cannot accept a credit or debit card, you lose essential revenue. Therefore, a system issue can cost your business gravely.

When your system is down, you may lose customers. However, it may not be a one day loss. Those customers may never come back to your business. They may choose to use a bigger business that appears to have fewer issues.

Furthermore, people don’t just talk anymore. They post on social media. They may post to avoid your store, even only for a day, due to the processing issue. That type of news will spread quickly. Your reputation may be forever affected.

How Can Reliable Customer Service Fix the Issue?

Reliable customer service typically means the issue gets resolved in the matter of hours as opposed to days. As a result, you can provide your customers with an expected time that your system will be working again.

When your processing service provider takes your call seriously, they will likely come out to your business within a few short hours. They will work with you until the problem is corrected. They may even replace your terminal with a temporary solution until your system get repaired.

Due to the immediate actions of your processing service, business continues as usual quickly. Work with a company that treats you as a top priority. The experts at Tanker Consulting Services will answer your call every time you call. If you have an issue, they work with you quickly to ensure you do not have to wait days for business to get back to normal. Call today at 609.922.0201 for your free consultation.