2020’s Black Friday Will Mostly Occur Online. Is Your Business Ready for Online Credit Card Processing?

In case you missed it, we are still in the middle of a world-wide pandemic. As predicted, the US is now hitting its second wave. As a result, many states are mandating closures. These closures directly affect holiday shopping trends.

If you were counting on the holiday shopping season to help your business, you will need to change how your business accepts orders and payments.

Due to COVID, many people will be forced to shop online. Either the state will mandate it or people will choose to avoid the crowds. Black Friday will look a lot like Cyber Monday this year.

Therefore, you credit card processing abilities must be ready for online shoppers.

What Are You Using Online?

To prepare for the online shopping rush, you must evaluate your online payment options. While PayPal and Venmo may work for some businesses, their processing fees can get very high.

Therefore, you need to look at alternative options to provide secure, online transactions. Your credit card processing company can help set you up with a secure online option.

These options can include credit and debit options and e-check options that accept payments with an electronic check.

The right companies will get you set up with the right product within hours. You will find your processing fees are much less costly than using large companies for processing online. Furthermore, it may be easier for your customers to make purchases because they will not need to create accounts.

It Is Not All About Black Friday

Even if you miss Black Friday, your online presence can make up plenty of sales throughout the holiday shopping season. As the holidays get closer, many people will choose to shop from home. More states may mandate stores to close once again.

Be prepared for the entire season. I you need to update your payment methods on your online store, the experts at Tanker Consulting Services can help. Call 609.922.0201 to learn more.